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The use and maintenance of solid wood flooring
1, the floor laying is completed, should be checked in three days, ten days in, indoor relative humidity should be kept well in 50-60%. Such as the pavement after not living, please keep the room ventilation, or often open humidifier adjustment and maintenance, or may be caused by the air is too dry shrinkage and cracking. Use plastic cloth, the newspaper covers the floor should not.

2, keep the floor dry, clean, to avoid flooding, drench, damp. If the floor surface stains, wipe with cotton mop wringing, not use wet cloth to mop, Jianshui, soap and water and other corrosive liquid and gas, inflammable and high temperature liquid to wipe.

3, every three to six months to wax a. The first method is to use the semi dry cloth to clean the floor and waxing. To evenly spread the floor surface and make the "soak", and other soft cloth slightly dry with a dry on the floor and wipe back and forth, until smooth and bright. If the home slippers no slip force, after waxing note slip.

4, if not carefully pouring or omission of water on the ground, must promptly with a dry soft cloth to wipe clean.

5, prevent sun exposure, direct and strong winds blow, to avoid the quick dry floor, causing the floor scale, end split and discoloration.

6, don't throw cigarette butts or matches kindling strewn on the floor, so as not to burn the floor surface. Avoid sharp, sharp objects scratch board.

7, overweight items should be smooth put. Furniture and objects are not hard to push and pull, drag, lift and care should be moved.

8, such as long time open air conditioning, should be appropriate to adjust the humidity, avoid the air is too dry shrinkage and cracking caused by the floor. Humidity available humidity regulator or planting water plants in the room, health and beauty.

The use of solid wood composite floor and proper maintenance

1, on the floor just laying is completed, to keep the indoor air circulation;

2, to ensure the quality of stability after the floor is installed, the installation of 12 hours after, personnel may walk, furniture to move on;

3, overweight items should be smooth put, furniture and objects are not hard to push and pull drag, so as not to scratch the surface of the abrasion resistant layer;

4, can not use sharp scraping, designated floor surface;

5, use, do not soak floors, if there is an accident, should be timely use dry mop to wipe the floor;

6, keep the floor clean and dry, floor surfaces in case of stains, not dripping mop wipe moisture for general use

Strengthen the maintenance standard floor

One, maintenance guide

1, clean the floor, please use the vacuum cleaner or wring dry cloth to wipe off, do not wash it in water, can be used to strengthen special care wax the floor wipe.

2, go out please shut the doors and windows, to prevent rain, such as watering should be dry in time.

3, such as floor there are stains, shall not use the hard fibre or strong acid, alkali cleaning the floor, and the application of soft fiber cloth to clean.

4, the door should be placed in a block against the Ottomans, reduce sand on the floor of the wear.

5, moving furniture do not drag on the floor. Furniture foot affixed felt block, movable chair should be made of soft rubber pulley.

6, the bathroom, kitchen and floor junction isolation treatment recommendations do waterproofing, joint use of floor waterproof oil.

Two, geothermal floor paving attention

Disclaimer: the following article 5 geothermal paving attention must be in full compliance with the requirements under the premise of pavement, such as do not meet the requirements or not norms for the construction of pavement condition, the legacy problems will not be accepted.

1, the heating system piping installation equably, surface application of cement or glue fixed, then do the surface treatment.

2, the installation of geothermal systems when the attention system reliable sealing, waterproof liquid overflow and prevent the floor directly to the heating pipe.

3, the pavement before gradually heating system temperature to the highest, every increase of 5 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature is 72 hours to maintain.

4, the pavement before and after 3 days, the ground heating system temperature control in 18 degrees Celsius, Pu finished 3 days, according to the 5 degrees Celsius increase until they reach the ideal temperature.

5, can be used for heating use (≤ 60 ℃), floor surface temperature should not exceed 27 ℃.

Be careful.

1, please read the manual carefully before using the pavement must, you in the pavement after means you understand and accept the pavement that content.

2, all the floor must be in good light conditions after examination, quality claims not included have been used to the floor.

Because of all the floor, many places are the same
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